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Gate with portcullis 220×60 C&P

Gate with portcullis 220×60 C&P

Gate with portcullis – Click & Play kit

The current sales hit! Pure adrenaline for knight action!

What to do when foreign knights have reached the inner gates of your castle ?

Very simple: lower the portcullis‼.

You buy your castle and your king enough time to discuss new strategies.

The 139 parts made of birch plywood make a gate with a portcullis in a few simple steps.

Play from:4+ Build alone: 12+

Tools needed for assembly: A cutter if needed
Size gate: approx. 220 x 60 x 375 mm (L x W x H)

Set up time: ca.2 Hours

The gate with portcullis C&P fits all WoodHeroes castle parts of the 4xxx and 81xx series.


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A well-secured gate needs a portcullis. The portcullis of our gate can be moved up and down by means of a rack and pinion drive. A 2-position pawl prevents the portcullis from falling down, or even being lifted by the enemy. The gate with the 2 gate wings can also be locked.

Of course, the gate fits together with all our 4xxx and 81xx products to build impregnable castles.

Let the imagination play: Siege – repel – and then maybe negotiate ?

The gate with portcullis can be assembled with help from the age of 6 and alone from the age of 12. Accurate building instructions are included.

Plus points:

Promotes dexterity, motor skills and mechanical understanding.
Optimal also for playing alone
Sustainable play fun through high functionality.

Tools needed: A cutter if needed

The kit can be painted according to your own ideas and to match the castle.




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Building instructions

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