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Catapult C&P

Catapult C&P

Aim, fire, conquer, defend: Pure knight action!

✅ Movable catapult: Insert balls, fire, win – Up to 2m!

✅ Size: Fits on one palm. Can be mounted without glue.

✅ Perfectly suited for all WoodHeroes castle missions: Siege, defend, conquer.

✅ Fun gift for adults.

Click&Play, the ingeniously simple plug-in system from WoodHeroes. More info.

Promotes concentration, fine motor skills, spatial thinking, creativity.


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Quick as an arrow and accurate: conquer the besieged castle through the air! The throwing balls fly up to 2m far directly into the courtyard of the besieged castle. Use it to hit the big tower of the castle and thus the center of life of the besieged. Break through the wall with breach hole and invade the castle directly with your troops. Of course, you can also perfectly defend your own castle with it! Right into the camp of those who threaten you!

Special feature: Organize tournaments among friends! Who hits a container or dot at a certain distance?

Promotes dexterity, concentration, fine motor skills, spatial thinking and creativity.

Psst 🤫: Fathers often have just as much fun as children. The catapult throws paper pellets on your colleague’s desk when you want to alert him to the upcoming coffee break together ☕😉

Sustainability is especially close to the heart of WoodHeroes: All WoodHeroes products are

  • sustainably produced
  • made from untreated european wood
  • naturally plastic free
  • This also applies to all packaging!

Key data Click&Play Catapult:

Play: 6+ Assembly without help: 12+
Package size: approx. 285 x 210 x 5 mm (L x W x H)
Mounted catapult: approx. 125 x 64 x 74 mm (L x W x H)

Package contents:

  • Kit made of 4mm thick birch plywood with 29 parts
  • 2 rubber rings made from natural latex
  • 8 wooden balls
  • Building instructions

Tools needed: Possibly a cutter

What is the WoodHeroes Click&Play system without glue? Find out everything here!

The C&P Catapult fits ideally with:

WoodHeroes modular castle
WoodHero – your knight hero

Download the building instructions for the C&P ballista here (pdf).

Building instructions

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