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About us

Holzspielzeug Kinder ab 6 Jahren - nachhaltiges Spielzeug, WoodHeroes Holzspielzeug und Holzbausätze

Wooden toys and kits from Austria

Simply ingenious wooden toys and wooden building sets made in Austria. WoodHeroes offers sustainable, educational wooden toys for children ages 6 and up.

Fun for the whole family, there is something for everyone.

Michael Leipold, Inhaber der WoodHeroes GmbH - Holzspielzeug made in Austria

Michael Leipold

Areas: Development, Production
Education; HTL mechanical engineering
Intention: Meaningful and sustainable play has always been close to my heart. The development of new functional toys and kits gives me great pleasure. The glow in the children's eyes is a great reward for me.

DI Hannes Meinhart

Areas: Sales, Distribution
Education: DI Mechanical Engineering
Intention: Keeping plastic out of children's rooms, offering toys that retain their value and make sense is important to me. I am also driven by the sustainable idea in this company.

Ursula Mattersdorfer

Areas: Prototype test, Pedagogical
Education: Middle school teacher
Intention: Playing is the simplest and most effective way to learn. Meaningful and educational toys help children in their development. With the knowledge from my training, I support the development of our toys and pay attention to educational added value.

Thomas Schwarzl

Areas: Automation technology, maintenance
Education: Electrical engineering, business administration.
Intention: I use all my knowledge to enable production in Europe. With my love for the subject, I always manage to improve production so that we can continue to produce in Austria.

The brand essence of WoodHeroes


We pay special attention to the issue of sustainability throughout the entire production process. Our products are designed to be repaired even if something gets broken.


With our products we want to encourage the creativity of the small but also the big children. A high degree of individuality of the respective products plays a major role for us.

Free from pollutants

Toys that endanger the health of our children are out of the question for us! That's why we pay close attention to where our raw materials come from. Because we do not compromise on health.

Frequently asked questions

No, the WoodHeroes® wooden toys are sold in the form of kits. This makes it even more fun, because first comes the crafting and then the playing. On each package is printed the age from which a child can assemble the kit alone, without the help of an adult.

Each WoodHeroes® kit indicates the age from which a child can play with the kit and also that age from which the child can build the model alone without the help of an adult.

Yes, some WoodHeroes® kits require glue during assembly. This is included with kits that are packaged in boxes. If you need glue for kits that are packed in envelopes and require glue, it is available in the store (P2002).

Each WoodHeroes® kit indicates the age at which a child can assemble the model without adult assistance, using only the assembly instructions provided. In addition, the building instructions are available online.

The number of ammunition supplied is indicated in the description for each WoodHeroes® product.

No, the wooden targets are a separately available WoodHeroes® product (see Z0001 to Z0006).

All wooden parts of the WoodHeroes® kit are made of natural wood (beech or birch plywood) from as local producers and suppliers as possible.

WoodHeroes® kits are developed exclusively by the development team based in Graz, Austria.

Glue or craft glue is a good way to repair wood. If that is not possible, there is also a WoodHeroes® spare parts service. Send a picture of the broken part with part number and address to
write. We will then gladly send spare parts.

Yes, spare parts are available for all products produced at WoodHeroes. Please contact us via

Yes, all puzzles have solutions, but they are not included with the WoodHeroes® Leger puzzles. We want to give the puzzle fun to the many other customers as well. A printed solution would quickly appear on the web and spoil the puzzle fun.

WoodHeroes® instructions are made by us in step-by-step, this is generally easy understandable.

When WoodHeroes® instructions and products are made by us, they are test built by our “test kids” and then the product and instructions are improved. This process also results in the age specifications for “Play from” and “Build from”. Of course, there are also many children who love to build and “betray” our age specifications by means of their abilities – we are always happy about such cases.

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