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The WoodHeroes Click & Play System

The simple WoodHeroes Click & Play system:
set up and start playing!

Discover our unusual and meaningful gift ideas for Easter, especially for girls and boys from 6 years, and give your children a lot of joy with our high-quality and creative wooden building sets and wooden toys.

Remove the components from the packaging.

It may be that you will eventually use a cutter for this. You won’t need any more tools than that, under guarantee 😉 .

Assemble the components according to the instructions.

This works with simpler kits from 6 years, complicated kits can be built without help from 12.

Depending on the model: Attach rubber rings.

They are made of natural latex.

If they ever stop holding, you can easily replace them with another rubber.

Go-play and have fun

Our castles have the same principle:

Simply assemble according to assembly instructions.

Then plug together various components to form a castle or city, as the “terrain” allows.

You will find the Click & Play building instructions in each package. If it is not at hand, you can search for the product on the homepage and download the manual as a pdf.

You can also find Click&Play assembly instructions as videos on our Youtube channel.

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