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Roman Limes Tower

Roman Limes Tower

The “Roman Limes Tower” kit is a Click & Play kit that you can assemble completely without glue.
It can be entered from the outside with a ladder. In the event of a fight, the ladder can be retracted.
A whole wall is hinged and thus the tower is also playable inside.
Inside there are stairs to get to the supply room or to the viewing level.
Exciting fights can take place here: like in the movies!
Outside, a balustrade runs around the whole tower, it is used for observation or defense.
The roof elements can be opened, so the whole attic can be played on.
The tower is fully compatible with all elements of WoodHeroes castle.
The “Limes Tower” kit comes with building instructions and sandpaper. You do not need glue for this.
The kit is made of natural birch plywood.
Play: 4+ Assembly without help: 12+

Packing size: approx. 210 x 300 x 50 mm (L x W x H)
Mounted Limes Tower: approx. 280 x 280 x 435 mm (L x W x H)


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Want a new gaming experience? A mighty Roman Limes tower takes you to the Roman world! 

It is perhaps the most diverse component of the WoodHeroes castle.

An action adventure like in the movies:

Watch and fight Enemies already from the balustrade.
Or are they sneaking up the ladder?
Open the whole wall of the tower and let your heroes fight on the stairs!
Has anyone taken refuge in the attic ? Here, too, you have access via the movable roof elements!
Easy assembly with building instructions and click & play principle without glue
Build your Roman world!
By the way: The Roman Limes Tower by WoodHeroes is a detailed replica of the rebuilt Limes Tower near Idstein in the Taunus Mountains!
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