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Highpeak Castle


Highpeak Castle

Stable and massive: The defense castle – knight castle toy at its best

✅ fully functional drawbridge,

✅ lockable gate wings, large house and strong corner tower

✅ Footprint slightly larger than an A4 sheet of paper

✅ Simple structure, sustainable play

The simple Click & Play system ensures a child’s play and variable assembly as well as a stable hold and combines all the important components of a knight’s castle.

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🏰 Welcome to the magical world of Highpeak Castle (Castle Set 5) 🛡️

Forget everything you previously knew about knight castles toys. Our Highpeak Castle is the ultimate fortress for little knights and big heroes! Imagine a castle that is not just a castle, but a real home for your brave WoodHeroes!

Robustness meets high-tech!
Our Highpeak Castle is a masterpiece of stability, built to last for centuries. Made of solid wood, you can be sure that this castle will withstand any siege.

Ingenious mechanisms for maximum safety!
Enter your kingdom through the fully functional drawbridge that raises and lowers as if by magic. Once inside, lockable gate wings ensure that uninvited guests stay outside.

Your fortress of adventure!
Imagine that you are the rulers of a spacious house that has so many rooms that even a king would be envious. And that’s not all: in the corner rises a mighty tower that serves both as an observation point and an impregnable prison for your enemies.

Room for all your WoodHeroes!
We have thought of everything! Highpeak Castle offers enough space to accommodate all your fearless knights, brave archers and noble horses.

A medieval universe in the children’s room!
With the castle set 5 the Middle Ages comes alive and moves directly into your nursery! Plan battles, host tournaments, or discover secrets – the game possibilities are endless and guaranteed to excite!

Immerse yourself in a world where you are the heroes – with our incomparable Highpeak Castle !

Highlights of Highpeak Castle :

  • the castle can be rebuilt at any time and completely at will due to its many individual parts and the wall with joint
  • The knight castle toy set can be expanded with various other spare parts
  • The house offers enough space and possibilities for knights & WoodHeroes, because even brave knights need to rest
  • The gate drawbridge provides reliable protection against any kind of attackers
  • The tower and walls provide enough space for your WoodHeroes to defend the toy knight castle from above
  • In the corner tower, villains, traitors and other evildoers can serve their sentence and go to prison

Sustainability is especially close to WoodHeroes’ heart: All our wooden toy products are

  • completely sustainable in production
  • made from untreated european wood
  • 100% plastic-free (even the blister packs)

The simple Click & Play system ensures a child’s play and variable assembly as well as a stable hold and combines all the important components of a knight’s castle.

Key data Crusader Castle:

Play: 6+ Assembly without help: 12+
Packing size: approx. 32 x 22 x 4.5 cm (L x W x H)
Assembled crusader castle: approx. 24.5 x 30 x 30 cm (L x W x H)

Package contents:

Tools needed: Possibly a cutter, but most of the time you can do without.

Construction time: about 2 hours

What is the WoodHeroes Click & Play system without glue? Find out all about it here.

Download the building instructions for the Crusader Castle from the individual kits (see above).

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The durable knight castle toys from WoodHeroes are made of high quality and can therefore be passed down through generations. The use of natural woods make the products ecologically sustainable, durable and above all safe wooden toys.

Download the assembly instructions right now (pdf)

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