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Serial catapult

Serial catapult

Be ready for any challenge!

✅ Three catapults in a row. Fire individually or all at once

✅ Couple with other series catapults as desired

✅ Made of untreated durable beech wood

✅ 100% sustainable, plastic-free, unpainted

Promotes concentration, fine motor skills, spatial thinking, creativity.


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Ideal fun game with friends or family. Perfect also for any WoodHeroes knight castle

The series catapult comes as a kit and is fun to assemble. It is easy to use and incredibly fun to use.

It’s also great for playing alone due to its versatility. If required, the series catapult can of course be painted.

The serial catapult made of beech plywood can be used with other catapults of the same serial number to build a series of catapults of any length, which can all be fired individually or in series at the touch of a finger.

WoodHeroes wooden toy series catapult coupled as a challenge
The WoodHeroes series catapult can be coupled with other series catapults and thus guarantees maximum fun with the wooden knight castle

The series catapult consists of 3 catapults that can be used individually or connected to form a series. There are 3 pieces of ammunition included.

By the way: Very often fathers have the same fun with our movable kits as the sons!

Sustainability is particularly close to WoodHeroes’ heart: all WoodHeroes products are

  • sustainably produced
  • 100% from European untreated wood
  • naturally plastic free
  • This also applies to all packaging!

Key data series catapult:

Play: 6+ Assembly without help: 10+
Packing size: approx. DIN A5
Mounted series catapult: approx. 71 x 103 x 45 mm (L x W x H)

Construction time: approx. 30 min.

Package contents:

  • Kit from 36 parts
  • Sandpaper paper
  • Natural latex rubber rings
  • 3 pieces of ammunition
  • Building instructions


This goes with it:
Spare balls
Balls small 8x

Download the building instructions for the series catapult here (pdf).

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