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Kit for a cow from 29 components.

The cow can also be harnessed to the cart.

Construction time: about 35 minutes

Play: 6+ Build without help: 12+

Envelope size: about A6
Mounted cow: 72 x 24 x 76 mm (L x W x H)


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Cattle (bulls, cows and calves) have been with us humans as pets for a very long time. These farm animals were and are really very useful because they:

1.) Give milk from which cheese and butter is made.

2.) Also supplied meat and tallow.

3.) The skin is the basis for cowhide.

4) And from the horn can be made drinking vessels combs etc..

5.) The oxen still dutifully pulled the farmer’s wagons and plows.

The cow is a 29 piece kit made from pre-cut beech plywood also includes wool, sandpaper and the building instructions. The glue is missing!

The legs and the head are individually movable.


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Building instructions

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