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Whitestone Castle


Whitestone Castle

A majestic place for kings and heroes. Knight castle toy to indulge …

✅ fully functional drawbridge,

✅ enough space for king and WoodHeroes.

✅ generous floor space

✅ Simple structure, sustainable play

The simple Click & Play system ensures a foolproof and variable assembly as well as a stable hold.

Simple and sustainable knight castle toy: fun for generations.

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🏰 Welcome to the majestic Whitestone Castle – A Kingdom for your WoodHeroes! 🛡️

Place for kings and heroes!
Whitestone Castle is a veritable kingdom with plenty of room for your WoodHeroes and even for a king!

Unique drawbridge!
Our fully functional drawbridge is more than just a detail – it’s your first line of defense! Just operate the crank and leave enemies outside.

Unlimited adventures!
Conquer the world of the Middle Ages right in your child’s room. Battles, tournaments, missions – there are no limits to your imagination.

Simple and stable structure!
Our proven Click & Play system allows for effortless assembly and at the same time ensures a firm stand of the entire castle structure.

On this knight’s castle are many great features and play opportunities that promote unrestricted joy and imagination. To dive even more into the world of knights, the castle set can also be painted individually.

Highlights of Whitestone Castle:

  • the castle can be rebuilt and/or expanded at any time and completely at will
  • The house with its draw well and throne provide enough space and security for the king and his WoodHeroes
  • The drawbridge serves as an effective protection against any kind of threat and also provides enough space on it for several guard posts

Sustainability is particularly close to the WoodHeroes’ hearts:

Our products are:

  • sustainably produced
  • made from untreated european wood
  • free of plastic
  • this also applies to all packaging!
Key data Whitestone Castle:

Play: 6+ Assembly without help: 12+
Packing size: approx. 32 x 22 x 4.5 cm (L x W x H)
Mounted Whitestone Castle: approx. 24.5 x 30 x 30 cm (L x W x H)

Package contents:

Tools needed: Possibly a cutter, but most of the time you can do without.

Construction time: about 2 hours


Thanks to the simple Click & Play system, the associated knight castle toy kits made of birch plywood can be assembled completely without glue and guarantee full stability.

All parts are pre-cut with the laser and can therefore already be assembled by a 10+ year old child alone – can be played from 6+ years.

The Whitestone castle, like all other WoodHeroes products, is made of beautiful, natural birch plywood from as local producers and suppliers as possible.

The durable knight castle toys from WoodHeroes are made of high quality and can therefore be passed down through generations. The use of natural woods make the products ecologically sustainable, durable and above all safe wooden toys.

The included instructions explain step by step how to assemble the individual components and ensures an easy and smooth assembly!


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