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Limes tower 90

Limes tower 90

An eye-catcher for Roman fans

  • Modeled after a real Limes tower
  • Charming little decorative object
  • Roman flair down to the last detail
  • Easy to assemble – ideal as a gift

Easy to assemble with the WoodHeroes Click&Play system

No glue is required for assembly.



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The Limes Tower 90 is modeled on a guard and defense tower of the Roman Limes between the rivers Main and Danube. How the Limes was created, and what the Limes was, is well described on Wikipedia:

“The term limes was not initially used in Roman antiquity to define a land border.[3] In the Republican and early Imperial era, such a border (fines imperii) was still unknown. It was only Augustus’ recommendation to his successors to secure the territories they had gained that led to the gradual establishment of fixed borders. The limes was first mentioned by Sextus Iulius Frontinus, who used it to describe aisles that were cut into the forests as advance routes during Domitian’ s Chatti wars. The historian Tacitus used the term limes to describe a border zone that was staggered in depth. It is not known what the Romans called the courses of palisades, ditches and ramparts.[3] The great ideal of Rome, the unity of city and world,[4] is most succinctly embodied in the city wall that surrounded and protected the citizens. Emperor Hadrian in particular tried to realize this ideal with his new border policy.[5] It was during his reign that the form of the Limes most familiar to us today began to take shape, with its system of countless fortifications lined up in a line – initially only made of earth and wood, later almost exclusively of stone. ”

Our replica is made of 2 mm beech plywood and is 9 cm high – an ideal gift for all Romans and Limes fans

Sustainability is particularly close to WoodHeroes’ heart: all WoodHeroes products are

  • sustainably produced
  • 100% from European untreated wood
  • naturally plastic free
  • This also applies to all packaging!

Key data Limesturm 90:

Play: 6+ Assembly without help: 12+
Envelope size: approx. 23 x 16.5 cm (L x W x H)
Assembled limestrum: 5 x 5 x 9 cm
(L x W x H)

Construction time: approx. 30 minutes

Package contents:

  • Kit of 29 parts made from 2mm beech plywood
  • Step-by-step assembly instructions

Tools needed: Possibly a cutter

The WoodHeroes Click & Play system

Thanks to the simple Click & Play system, the 29-piece beech plywood kit can be assembled completely without glue and guarantees full stability.

All parts are pre-cut with the laser and can therefore already be assembled by a 12+ year old child alone – can be played from 6+ years. All wooden parts of the kit are made of natural wood from as local producers and suppliers as possible.

The instructions are also included in the paper packaging. This explains step by step how to assemble the Lime Tower and ensures a simple and smooth assembly!

Download the assembly instructions now (pdf)


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