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Dragon Fight – Combo Pack


Dragon Fight – Combo Pack

Epic dragon fight with knight: bring legends to life and fight for victory!

✅ The strong dragon made of wood, which can breathe fire .

✅ The WoodHero knight stands up to it with his weapons. Who is evil, who is good?

✅ Made of untreated beech wood, 100% sustainable

Special price for several products from the WoodHeroes world.

Welcome to the captivating world of knights, beyond cell phones and computers! Here, children discover a new world of imagination where they create their own exciting stories.

The ingenious Click & Play system makes assembly child’s play. Sword and shield require only a touch of glue, which is already included in the package. So nothing stands in the way of boundless fun!

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Your dragon is very excited! There is a knight to be seen nearby. What will he do?
The knight trembles: such a mighty dragon. What does one want from the other?
You tell!

Protecting the weak, is that your mission? Or yours of the dragon made of wood?

  • Keeping the honor high
  • Keep the weapons in order, stay in training
  • Practice every day with shield and halberd
  • Fight against all evil
  • Prepared for all new adventures

If you like, you can also paint your kits completely according to your own ideas.

The Dragon Fight – Combo Pack is a compilation of:

3004 Dragon
2001 WoodHero game figure
2104 Shields and halberds

Very often the big kids (dad, mom, grandpa, grandma…) have the same fun with our working kits as the smaller kids!

Sustainability is particularly close to the WoodHeroes’ hearts:

All WoodHeroes products are:

  • sustainably produced
  • made from untreated european wood
  • naturally plastic free
  • This also applies to all packaging!

Key data dragon fight -combined package

Play: 6+ Assembly without help: 14+
Package size: approx. 23x 16,5x 8 cm (L x W x H)
Mounted dragon: approx. 25 x 21x 13 cm (L x wingspan x H)
WoodHero: about 9 cm tall

Package contents:

  • Kits made of 4mm thick beech plywood with a total of 76 parts
  • Sandpaper, if needed
  • Glue for halberds and shields is enough with the dragon
  • Building instructions for all parts

Tools needed: You may need to use a cutter.

The dragon from WoodHeroes wooden toys meets two knight figures.
Knight figures and the dragon of WoodHeroes wooden toys: pure adventure and a lot of imagination.

Download the building instructions for all the components in the individual kits (see above).

This goes with it:

✅ 8105 Tower 140 x140 C&P The tower is attacked by the dragon
✅ 8905 Hocheck Castle The castle contains many treasures ….
3008 Cow – Did the dragon steal a cow?

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