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Wall with break hole 180 C&P

Wall with break hole Click & Play plug-in kit of two pre-cut plywood panels.

The 22 parts made of birch plywood make with a few
Handles a wall with break hole and a
Wall. Both walls are 180 mm long.

Play: 3+ Assembly without help: 10+
Package size: approx. 300 x 210 x 9 mm (L x W x H)
Size: approx. 180 x 48 x 180 mm (L x W x H)

Construction time: 1/2 hour

The wall with break hole 180 C&P fits all WoodHeroes castle parts of the 4xxx and 81xx series.


incl. 20% VAT


This is where it really “gets down to the nitty gritty” !

Let your WoodHeores besiege the castle and bombard the wall!

The battering ram can break through the wall and the castle can be stormed.
Likewise, the fracture hole can be broken with ballistae or bombarde.

The small clamps are untwisted, and thus the hole in the wall is to be opened or broken through by the knight’s tools.

Tools needed: A cutter if needed.

The kit can be painted according to your own ideas and to match the castle.



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