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Triple ballista

Aim, shoot and experiment!

The triple ballista can be used not only for games of skill with friends, but also to conquer foreign castles due to the fully functional wheels. Its height-adjustable launch angle allows it to be aimed quite precisely at the desired target.

The 86-piece kit is made of 4 mm beech plywood, the solid beech wood rods for the axles and wheels made of beech wood provide maximum stability.

Firing sequence: 3 shots in a row , or 1 and 2 shots, or 2 and 1 shots, or 3 shots simultaneously. With so much firepower, even the dragon has to be careful.


Play: 6+ Assembly without help: 12+

Box size: approx. 230 x 165 x 48 mm (L x W x H)
Mounted triple ballista
: approx. 135 x 95 x 87 mm (LxWxH) without ammunition rack



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Aim, shoot and experiment!

The ballista was already used by the Greeks and Romans. It resembles a crossbow and can be used to shoot arrows. The triple ballista made of beech plywood is ideally suited for the development of hand-eye coordination, precision and fine movement skills. It belongs to the type of children’s toys, which promotes creativity and imagination of children.


With the wooden triple ballista you can not only organize skill games with friends, in addition your own castle can be optimally defended due to the fully functional wheels.The height-adjustable launch angle allows it to be precisely aimed at the desired target. With a firing range of 1.8m, nothing stands in the way of defense.


The triple ballista comes with 9 arrows and an ammunition stand – of course, kids can also get creative and use various things as targets.

The triple ballista can be fired at will – either all 3 arrows at once or individually. What is certain is that with this enormous firepower, even the dragon has to watch out.


The 86-piece kit can be assembled using the supplied glue and rubber rings and guarantees extreme stability.

All parts were pre-cut with the laser and can therefore already be assembled by a 12+ year old child alone – can be played from 6+ years. All wooden parts of the kit are made of natural wood (beech plywood) from as local producers and suppliers as possible.


In the cardboard package there are also:

  • 9 arrows
  • Cardboard target
  • Ammunition rack
  • Glue

The included instructions explain step by step how to assemble the triple ballista and ensure an easy and smooth assembly!


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