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The rectangle

The puzzle for beginners and small puzzle solvers. A puzzle that is kept simple and thus ideally suited for:

Puzzles beginners and

smaller puzzle solver

There are two other solution forms for this puzzle – more about them in the description.


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This puzzle for beginners and puzzle fans made of wood is a simple puzzle that provides a lot of fun for young and old. The 4 parts must be arranged so that they form a rectangle with an aspect ratio of 5:4.

There are two other solution forms for this puzzle:

1.) The following shape is to be laid with all 4 parts:


2) The following shape (rectangle 3 x 5) is to be laid with 3 parts:

Which 3 parts these are, you should find out for yourself.


The puzzle promotes coordination, perceptual skills and attentiveness. The wooden parts of the puzzle are made of natural wood (beech plywood) from as local producers and suppliers as possible and are already laser cut and sanded. With the puzzle can be played already from 6+ years.

Have fun with the puzzle!



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