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Useful & effective during sieges – the bombard.

Whether city wall or castle wall, hardly anything can withstand this gun.

The fully functional 45-piece kit made of beech plywood (2 panels) is 4 mm thick and pre-cut with the laser. It comes including 6 pieces of ammunition, emery paper, targets, rubber rings, cord as an assembly aid, glue and building instructions in a cardboard box.


Play: 6+ Assembly without help: 14+

Carton size: approx. 230 x 165 x 48 mm (L x W x H)
Mounted bombarde: approx. 90 x 65 x 90 mm (L x W x H)


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✔ Useful AND effective during sieges

✔ Conquer city wall or castle wall

✔ Frighten enemy castles.

✔ movable barrel

✔ Hit target perfectly and change trajectory

✔ Conduct experiments: Determine trajectory, train more accurate hitting.


✔ handy

✔ easy to operate

✔ promotes creative play by children

✔ Also ideally suited for playing alone

✔ can also be painted quite individually

✔ improves dexterity, motor skills and concentration


The 45-piece kit can be assembled using the supplied glue and rubber rings and guarantees extreme stability.

All parts were pre-cut with the laser and can therefore be assembled by a 14+ year old child alone – can be played from 6+ years. All wooden parts of the kit are made of natural beech plywood from as local producers and suppliers as possible.


In the cardboard package there are also:

  • Sandpaper
  • Targets
  • A cord as a mounting aid
  • 6 pieces ammunition

The included instructions explain step by step how to assemble the bombarde and ensure an easy and smooth assembly!


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Building instructions

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